February 15, 2012

We Would Fail A Drugs Test If The Drug In Question Was Vosges Exotic Caramels

Certain things are given: the sun rises and sets every day, fall becomes winter, winter spring and so forth. Another given is that we will eat any chocolate put in front of us. We could be drug-tested for chocolate in order to stay out of prison and we would still be unable to abstain, and never as much as when it involves artisanal handmade chocolates such as Vosges. There’s a store on Spring Street and we have to cover our eyes when passing it. It’s too much. Anyway, a small taster of Exotic Caramels somehow found its way to us earlier this week. Listen, there are four sweets in there, and the sooner we eat them, the sooner they can get out of our mind. First down the hatch was the Crema Caramel – Argentinian dulce de leche, Costa Rican cashews and milk chocolate, blended with Quilmes beer to let “the sweet caramel flavors echo through.” That’s the #1. Our second fave is the Tarte caramel – blood orange, Campari, dark chocolate and hibiscus powder. You have not tasted chocolate orange till you’ve tasted this.

$9.50 at Vosgeschocolate.com

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