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We’re Essentially Never Nudes When It Comes To The LNA Cashmere Boyfriend Tank

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Every so often a piece of clothing appears in your life that turns into your absolute favorite piece in your entire closet. Take this super-fine LNA cashmere-modal tank, for example. “Mmmm, this feels soft!” we thought when we touched it. Then we put it on. Life-changing tank moment! A high neckline so you feel like it’s a crew neck tee that you’ve somehow customized by ripping the sleeves off to reveal a deep-but-not-too-deep armhole. It’s an extra-long length so you can tuck it in, blouse it up, wear over skinnies, shorts… whatever. We’ve been wearing ours pretty much constantly, with no regard for the fact that people might start to notice we never take it off, Rather like a never nude, only exclusively in this tank.

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-- Fiona Byrne

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