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We’re Flipping Out Over These Nail Rock Australian Fashion Week Nail Wraps

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Have you seen the coverage of Australian Fashion Week? If not, get to it, right now. Sure, we’re New Yorkers at heart (and literally), but the Aussies look like they have way more fun, with insanely cool clothes. For the past week or so, those photos have been the only things of interest on the internet. Unfortunately, it’s all Australian clothing which means it’s far away, and in opposite seasons, and hard to find. Sob.

So when we discovered Nail Rock collaborated with Aussie brands Gary Bigeni, Ellery and Romance Was Born for summery-patterned nail wraps, we kinda flipped. For one, these are some of the prettiest press-ons we’ve ever seen: realistic floral prints, bright geometric shapes, sunbursts, delicate bows. Two, they’re available right now as ASOS for a mere $13.92 each. Which means that you don’t have to shell out for a pricey Minx wrap at a salon when you’re bored with the drugstore varieties. And three…uh, it’s nail art. For $14.

$14 at

-- Mickie Meinhardt


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