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Were Our New Birkenstocks Made By A 3D Printer?

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We read this thing on recently about plastic Birkenstocks and how you can just wipe them off when you get home and they’re good as new. Interested. In addition, the shoes are less expensive than a leather Birk, which also interested us greatly.

We Amazon Primed ourselves a pair stat, only to read later that Birkenstock is in a fight with Jeff Bezos, who is apparently mad that they are obtaining shoes from third parties to sell, without the permission of Birkenstock. In any case, we couldn’t find them anywhere else, not even on Birkenstock’s site so….

When the shoes came we weren’t sure if the box was empty or not, it was so light it seemed like nothing was inside! Turns out the shoes are literally featherweight. 2.9oz each to be precise. Something about them screams A 3D printer made me, which fascinates us.

As owners of a red patent leather Birk back in the day, we are familiar with the fit and these lightweight plastic ones are just as comfortable and supportive as the originals.

Just don’t tell Jeff Bezos where you found them.

$39.99 at Amazon

-- Fiona Byrne

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