November 20, 2012 // Design

West Elm Market Is Akin To A Yard Sale At Granny’s Cottage

Tired of old-timey yet? No, we’re not either. We are still eating up bell jars, taxidermy and anything that looks like it’s been sitting in our granny’s chicken coop for 40 years. Real talk though, granny would be highly confused right now if she took a day’s leave from the nursing home and passed a West Elm. Everything looks like it came from her little house in the country. Their enamelware dinnerware is steel with a porcelain finish so it’s perfect for clumsy schlumps, but not so great for the microwave. In fact, you should definitely not put this collection anywhere near your microwave. The brand may be big-time chain but they’ve adopted a general-store sensibility for a pop-up called West Elm Market in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The good news is that you don’t have to be anywhere near New York to shop, since all of it is available online. The company has enlisted the help of a number of designers to collaborate on special items for the store, including cast-iron Dutch ovens by Aaron Probyn, knives by Schmidt Brothers and household cleaning products by Common Good.

50 Washington St., Brooklyn, NY 11201 tel 718-522-3498

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