March 19, 2012 // Style

Westward Leaning Sunglasses Celebrate Social Progress

Whoever said fashion is shallow is deeply mistaken. Most of the time. Well, maybe half the time. Let’s say 35 per cent. Anyway, they’re totally mistaken when a collection such as Westward Leaning is introduced.

Rooted in the past but dedicated to the present, Westward Leaning has designed a line of sunglasses celebrating human achievements in social progress. Each item of the eight-piece collection gives a singular “hell, yeah” fist bump to a particularly relevant time in (mostly) American history. Is forest preservation your game? No. 4, the “Teddy Roosevelt,” is dedicated to the President’s conservation of 84 million acres of land. The little numbers feature a small piece of antler from the National Elk Refuge (collected from found antlers by Boy Scouts, not taken from live animals ya joker). Are you into Native American history? No.7, the “Sleeping Beauty,” features turquoise, a material central to Native American jewelry. Native Americans revolutionized the technique of using this stone in jewelry.

If the aforementioned social initiatives aren’t your bag, maybe you’re into outer space? No. 3, the “Mercury Seven,” features aluminum in a nod to Americans first orbiting Earth. So choose your socially progressive poison, there are six more where that came from. Of course fashion is fashion and these sunglasses live up to the noun – they’re cool. Really cool. What is fashion’s aspiration if not to aesthetically please? Celebrating something a little deeper while also looking damn good is just icing on the cake.

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