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What’s In My Bathroom Cabinet: Jenny Shimizu

She’s a booker at Elite New York, a model, a mechanic and self-professed highly inquisitive person. She’s also just collaborated on the perfect red lipstick with House of Exposure and here’s what’s all up in Jenny Shimizu’s bathroom cabinet.

I use Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser to exfoliate twice a week and Cetaphil most nights. On the lazy nights I use a baby wet wipe.

Toner: Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence, it rules and helps my moisturizer settle in.

Moisturizer: This is a four-step process. I first spray on Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence, then put John Masters Organics Pomegranate Facial Nourishing Oil, followed by Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream and then I put on a SPF35 face lotion by Neutrogena.

Face exfoliant: Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser, it has tiny granules that don’t hurt my skin. I have sensitive skin and most products make me break out and/or get puffy. Once a month I use Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask, which uses all natural ingredients to help moisturize and get rid of dead skin. It makes me glow!

Body lotion: I don’t believe in expensive body lotions. I use Aveeno Oatmeal lotion then follow with a little bit of Diptyque hair and body oil.

Toothpaste: I use Colgate, but my girlfriend is making me get into Marvis.

Foundation: No foundation, but I hear Kevyn Aucoin and Bobbi Brown make the best liquid foundations!

Powder: No powder, I like the natural glow of my own face oils. It just looks healthier to me.

Mascara: I’m completely allergic to mascara, thank God!

Eyeshadow: Sometimes, I’ll put a little Bobbi Brown Powder Pink Rouge for lips and cheeks on my eyelids. This is strictly for when I go black-tie. I’m pretty much into the natural look.

Lipstick: Dr. Pepper chapstick. It has a little color to it that looks natural. And Helmut Red from House of Exposure for my other personality.

Lip balm: John Masters Organics hair pomade. It comes in a little tin and it works on my lips, nails and hair.

Fragrance: In the winter I use Escentric Molecules molecule 02 with Aveda patchouli single note oil. This summer I’m wearing a new fragrance that Alexa Rodulfo (candles and make-up artist) and Michelle Harper are making. It’s not out yet, and everyone stops me and asks, “What are you wearing?”

Soap: I only use glycerin soap, like I mentioned before, I got some sensitive skin! It has taken quite some time to find good products that work. It has to feel good going on my skin and it also has to work and have a nice scent. I really believe beauty starts from the inside and how we feel about ourselves. The products only add to our beauty.

Helmut Red Limited Edition Lip Color is available at

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