March 26, 2012

What’s So Great About The Tuna Tart at Bondst? Everything.

If you haven’t had the tuna tart at Bondst you have not yet lived. On the menu for over a year now, this thing has become a menu favorite at the sushi fusion restaurant, itself a favorite among downtown New Yorkers. So what’s so great about this tuna tart that it deserves such lauding? Only everything! Two wonton wrappers are pressed together and seared to become deliciously crispy and flaky and are layered with creamy ponzu, white truffle oil and Big Eye tuna. And while we are tuna addicts and daily thumb our nose at potential mercury poisoning, we do understand you may want to eat something else. There’s other stuff on the menu too, and it was really great. We just don’t really remember it.

6 Bond Street, NY 10012 tel 212-777-2500

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