November 9, 2012

Why Didn’t Ben & Jerry’s Name Its Newest Ice Cream Holy Cannoli?

While we are proud ice cream addicts, we are also quite specific about our flavors and so on. For example, anything coffee flavor does not fly with us, and stuff like green tea, we believe is better when in an actual teapot. However, we once had maple ice cream with bacon bits and that was beyond delicious, so you know… it’s just a preference thing. When we first heard Ben & Jerry’s had created a new Cannoli ice cream our first thought was “Genius!”, followed by, “What the hell took them so long?” Mascarpone ice cream with fudge-covered cannoli pieces and mascarpone swirl, Cannoli will be available for just a few months. Yes, it’s limited. Sad face. But wait, why isn’t it called Holy Cannoli? You would think that was obvious title for such a product right? Well people, they actually already did an ice cream called Holy Cannoli but apparently not that many people liked it. They used a ricotta back then, so clearly mascarpone is where it’s at because Cannoli tastes GOOD. It basically tastes like a sugar-spiked mascarpone ice cream dotted with crunchy pieces of cannoli. The key here is crunch. It’s super-crunchy and highly satisfying. We had three pints in a row.

Available until January 2013 at places that sell lots of Ben & Jerry’s

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