July 29, 2013 // Style

Why Goldsign Mr. Right Are The Absolute Perfect Boyfriend Jeans

A good boyfriend might be hard to find, but a good boyfriend jean? That’s near impossible! You want one that has it all – great fit, the perfect slouch, somehow loose but you can still have some kind of butt. It’s a very, very specific list of things. We have a little announcement to make: we think we’ve found the absolute perfect pair. They’re by Goldsign and they’re called Mr. Right. Like, could there be a more suitable title? The key to the amazingness of these particular jeans is the denim. It’s so soft, it actually drapes. It’s insane, it legit feels like wearing sweats. These jeans rise significantly higher at the back so although they hang perfectly on the hips, you don’t get butt crack. Ever. You must peg them though, otherwise you’re at risk of a bootcut lewk and that ‘aint right! Even if you’re not really into distressing and so forth, it really works with the whole vibe of the Mr. Right. We are pairing with a white button down and Suepergas for summer evenings in Montauk but come September we will be working the heels and silk top action. Oh and one more reason we know these are the best? We get compliments literally every time we wear them. Well, not us, the jeans but still.

$278 at Shopbop.com

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