August 9, 2012 // Style

With Its Ropes, Anchors And General Cape Cod Vibes, Kiel James Patrick Makes Perfectly Preppy Accessories

Nothing makes our ears prick up like the word “preppy”. Navy and white, anchors, rope and docksiders are our kryptonite and we will never know why. It’s not like we grew up on the Cape chillin’ with Kennedys and what not. Our newest prep obsesh is Kiel James Patrick, whose wood framed Cape Codder canvas bags are enough to make us ditch the $1,500 handbag for the remainder of the summer and throw all our accouterments in one of these. And talk to us about the braided sailing rope belts with names like Narragansett Lifeguards and JFK, in various colors. The Turks Head Knot Rope and Triton Knot bracelets are fastened with an anchor and come in all sorts of New England colors, and are affordable enough that you can acquire quite the collection in a single online shopping session. It’s fine, go for it, this stuff is timeless.

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