February 15, 2019

Yes, You Can Use Wallpaper In Your Kitchen

Prior to beginning my apartment renovation, two rooms depressed me like you wouldn’t believe: the kitchen and the bathroom. You can hardly avoid either one, and every morning I would make coffee and think to myself how much I hated each one. What a lovely way to start my day.

The old laminate cabinets were water-damaged and peeling, and the formica countertop was stained. The fridge freezer didn’t work very well and my backsplash was a peel and stick ‘temporary’ tile I’d installed years ago. Not so temporary.

On day I finally had enough, measured out the space and went on the IKEA kitchen planner to see what I could design on a very low budget. It was so fun and easy! I realized I could gain a little more counter space by using a slightly smaller sink, and by having drawer cabinets I was able to fit a lot more stuff in the lower section.

I went back and forth a bit on the uppers, eventually seeing that open shelves would allow more light in, not to mention save me hundreds of dollars.

I contemplated re-tiling the floor and adding tile to the wall but it was getting a little expensive, so I decided to keep the existing white tile, which is inoffensive and fine.

I ordered this awesome Eames Playground wallpaper mural from Drop It Modern, and when the upper cabinets came down and the wall was smoothed out, I installed it myself. In an hour. I’ve installed paper before, so probably have gotten better at it as time goes on, but even I was surprised at how quickly I was able to put it up by myself. It’s peel-and –stick so there’s no mess with paste etc.

On the rare occasion I’ve seen wallpaper in a kitchen, there is generally a protective plexi or glass over it, I guess to prevent food splash stains. When you don’t cook, that isn’t a problem, so we are all good over here.

The crowning glory is the fridge. I’ve wanted a Smeg my entire life and now it’s here, it really does make me happy every day.

It was a delicate balance with shelving. I wondered if I should do all-white tableware, but found some really nice matte black stuff at CB2 that I had to have in my life. The nice thing about accessories is you can switch them out to refresh your space whenever you feel like it.

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