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You Actually Will Not Believe How Well Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 1970 Toner Smooths And Evens Out Your Skin Texture

I’ve never been one to understand the importance of toner. I used to think a splash of water was sufficient. Oh, how wrong I was! Last year I embarked on the Rodan & Fields Redefine regime, which includes its Pore Minimizing Toner and I immediately noticed a difference in my skin. Smoother! Brighter! Firmer! I do attribute this change equally to the Daily Cleansing Mask and the AM and PM moisturizers, but for sure the toner had something to do with it.

Recently, I visited Rescue Spa in Flatiron, and while there was introduced to Lotion P50 1970 by Biologique Recherche, the French skincare brand that all the ladies with great skin use. Smelling somewhat like Calamine lotion, the first time you use it, P50 stings like a mo’ fo’ and makes you quite red for a few minutes. This reaction is apparently because your skin’s pH is out of balance. However, after a few days the stinging and initial redness stops.

There are a few different formulae in the P50 range, the most popular being 1970. This is the original formula from yes, 1970, and contains Phenol, which is actually banned in Europe. Here’s what else is in it: water, glycerin, niacinamide, vinegar, magnesium chloride, lactic acid, arctium lappa root extract, salicylic acid, sodium benzoate sulfur. It’s strong, it’s effective and the results are insanity.

I was using it twice daily in the beginning, but I felt it was a little harsh, so now reserve it for evenings. You pat it on with fingers after cleansing, then do all your serums and moisturizers and such. Not only does it even out skin tone, its effects on skin texture are like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I used to have quite bumpy skin on one of my cheeks and it’s completely smooth now. When I touch it, it’s soft and velvety. As in baby soft.

This is a total cult product and isn’t widely available, but you can purchase it at Rescue Spa’s website (you need to login in to see prices FYI) and of course, within the salon store.

Prices vary by size and start at $28 at Shoprescuespa.com

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