February 4, 2012 // Design

You Can Lose The Hammer And Nails Now, The Takker Is Here

YES it’s US counterpart the InstaHang is featured in a heavily rotated infomercial, and yes, it looks like a weird gadget you think is amazing at 2am and regret buying later BUT it’s not. The Takker is one of those great time-saving devices that will have you buying it for all your friends  when you realize how life-changing it is.

There are a few reasons why: 1. No hammering. Hang pictures, mirrors, whatever, at five in the morning without disturbing your neighbors or roommates and 2. Each tack goes in at exactly the same angle so all your pictures will hang perfectly. Countless times our frames have hung at a jaunty angle entirely unintentionally because the angle at which we hammered in the nail was slightly different to the nail next to it.

The Takker is one of the creations featured on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, a show in which contestants debut inventions and have them judged by a panel of experts. It’s a raging success to the extent that on a recent trip home, our good friend Jeannie talked about her Takker more excitedly than her new boots from Topshop, and having used our Takker, we totally get why.

The Takker is a UK thing and available for around $23. They ship internationally

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