May 18, 2020 // Style

You Can Now Buy A Special PPE Devo Hat

We’ve been pretty judgey about the litany od face masks appearing in the sponsored ads on our IG feed of late. One had a fringe detail that was completely F-ing ludicrous, and more recently we were marketed a Croakie-style string for our mask. This shit is so dumb, we thought grumpily. Funnily enough, we were not at all judgey or grumpy upon finding out that Devo has a new version of its Lego-ish dome hat tailored to these Coronavirus times.

The hat and visor come as two separate parts you then need to assemble. It looks easy enough. You can also buy just the visor attachment, if you’re already the proud owner of a dome hat. BTW, in case you’re new to the dome hat gang, you need to get one of those construction hard hat inserts for the inside so it stays on your head.

The key to crazy shit during these crazy times is making things that are funny and bizarre. A Croakie for your mask? Sure, that could be considered LOL, we suppose. A Devo mask with a PPE visor? That’s the funniest shit that’s happened since this whole debacle began. In a good way.

$49.98 at

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