July 30, 2015

You Can Now Have Brooklyn Delivered To You In A Box Every Month

There have been many attempts to ‘package’ Brooklyn, selling its artisanal vibes in various forms from fashion to food. Usually this comes via a ‘Brooklyn style’ restaurant opening in say, London or some such, or a mass fashion brand shooting a campaign on the hallowed streets of Williamsburg, which now ironically is filled with strollers and bros. But let’s not talk about that RN.

In any case, the concept of the Brooklyn Box is actually kind of rad. It’s a subscription/gift box sent out monthly and is filled with Brooklyn-made artisan shiz like candles, coffee, candy and more. The first box contains jam by The Drunken Money, Fatty Sundays Toffee Crunch, Raaka Chocolate and a candle by the soon-to-be-launched Midwood Candle Company. That’s how cool it is: you’re discovering stuff before it hits the market. There’s nothing more Brooklyn than that.

The next box will include coffee, a publication, coasters, soap, condiments and two other surprises. The price falls between $25 and $29, depending on the term of the subscription. Basically, the longer you sign up for, the cheaper the box becomes.

Sign up at TheBrooklynBox.co to have a monthly dose of the BK delivered right to your door

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