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You Should Probably Try Out New East Village Restaurant GG’s Before It Gets Cray Up In There

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The first thing you notice about new East Village restaurant GGs (nee Goat Town) is that you instantly feel comfortable when you walk through the door. Sure, it’s cosy and the lighting is great, but real talk, that comfortable feeling is because of the staff. Co-owner Emily Schumacher is there most days, not only giving customers face time, but also answering the phone, helping out wait staff, and being cheerful – but not in an annoying way. Not ‘perky’, just totally chill, you know?

Embarking on a pizza venture in this city is one for the very brave and very confident, and (thankfully) GG’s Bobby Hellen does it pretty great. We live for a classic, and the Grandma Pie is legit: six slice square pie with pepperoni, tomato sauce and mozzarella. Then there’s the Ebony & Ivory with housemade morcilla, ricotta, mozzarella, garlic, grano padano, and chili flake. If you’re not having a carb day, the Fried Lambneck meatballs with sour cream are a good option, as is the Roasted Branzino and Cast Iron Chicken. FYI, if you do crack under carb pressure for your entrée, there’s a myriad baked pasta dishes, too. See also: hangovers.

It would be remiss to leave without dessert, since the ice-cream is from Nick Morgenstern’s ice-cream parlor on the Lower East Side (yes, that place where there’s never not a line). The Brownie Sundae is beyond, make sure you choose Madagascar vanilla ice-cream – it’s deliciously creamy and not too sweet and comes atop a dense, spongy brownie that also happens to be kind of amazing. It’s not that big, so you’re not going to totally hate yourself after eating it.

In addition to the cocktail selection, we were extremely happy about the rosé situation. The Provence-style Domaine de la Patience ‘from the tank’ is a peachy, perfect rosé decanted into bottles. Mind you, it’s so good, that tank will be dry sooner rather than later.

GG’s, 511 East Fifth Street, New York NY 10009 tel: 212-687-3641

-- Fiona Byrne

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