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You Won’t Find Any Hideous Logos Or Over The Top Gilt Details On Barton Perreira Fiona Sunglasses

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It’s been our favorite sunglasses brand for several years now, and now Barton Perreira has only gone and named a frame for us. The Fiona is like a cross between a Ray-Ban and our all time favorite BP frame the Faithful. These glasses are just so chic and understated, you won’t find any hideous logos or over the top gilt details, and each style has a choice of several different lenses and frame color. Naturally our current favorite style is the Fiona and asking us to choose our favorite color would be like asking us to choose a favorite child, if we had any. Kris Kardashian might be happy to announce to millions that Kim is her favorite daughter, but that’s not how we roll. Although we do like the Heroine Chic frame a lot…

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-- Fiona Byrne

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