August 6, 2013

Your Next Mini Cupcake Purchase Needs To Be From Butter & Scotch

We love a dessert discovery, as you know, and while perusing the stalls at the Paper Magazine Super(Duper)Market last Thursday evening we happened upon Butter & Scotch. Now, all you seasoned Smorgasburg goers will be scoffing at us, since founders Allison and Keavy have been hawking sweet treats at the Williamsburg food fete for ages. We are so late to this very important party! The truth is, we don’t really go to Williamsburg that much anymore. Now we realize we have ONLY been missing out on the best cupcakes in the world™! We sampled basically everything Butter & Scotch had to offer at the stall the other night. Mini lemon lavender cupcakes, mini coffee caramel bourbon cupcakes, s’mores pie, bourbon ginger pecan pie, candy apple pie… all sorts of sweet awesomeness. Here’s the thing: you know how sometimes when it’s someone’s birthday at the office and everyone is like ‘Let’s get cupcakes!’ and those HIDEOUS MINI CUPCAKES from you know where show up and everyone is like ‘This place again? These suck!’? Well, what we need to happen going forward is that everyone starts ordering from Butter & Scotch. Firstly, the cakes are insanely moist and delicious. Also, they utilize cream cheese in the frosting, so the sweetness level is perfection. Most importantly, they’re miniature so you don’t feel horrendo about yourself if you try a few different flavors. Also, we hate when you have to like, slice a cupcake to share with everyone! That shit ‘aint right. These girls know what they are doing, and you can order online to find out for yourself. Aaaaand they’re opening Brooklyn’s first craft cocktail and dessert bar in the next few months! Guess we’ll be going to Brooklyn a lot more then.

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