January 23, 2013 // Style

143 Ludlow Is Now Store One One Four (Stanton)

The store formerly known as 143 Ludlow has moved, and as one would expect, changed names. A retail venture by Lindsey Thornburg, Ruby Canner and Summer Phoenix, Store One One Four is at the former Foley & Corinna space on Stanton Street and houses Thornburg’s cult favorite cloaks and Canner and Phoenix’s reworked vintage line SOR select as well as jewelry by Veronica Moore, Maria Kivi, Emily Rothschild and Suzannah Wainhouse, Pointer Shoes and Thierry Lasry glasses. It’s a far bigger space than their Ludlow spot, with their studio in the basement, so if you need alterations they are done on site. Also excited for the fact that they are on the same block as El Sombrero a.k.a. The Hat a.k.a. the place that used to do frozen margaritas to go. In Hello Kitty cups. Those were the days.

114 Stanton St., New York NY, 10002

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