March 8, 2013 // Style

A.L.C. Is The Stuff You Hang Between Your Alexander Wang And Your Rag & Bone

Here’s something you might not know about us here at The Byrne Notice. We are not so much into the whole “prints” thing. Like, some are fine and every so often someone will do a print and we’ll be like, “oh, cool” but usually… well, usually not. With this in mind, we think we would probably be pretty good friends with Andrea Lieberman. Back in 2009 she launched her ready-to-wear collection A.L.C., which she describes as “perfectly engineered basics”. She does not lie. For spring, the collection has that understated, muted element but is undoubtedly tailored to those who seem to be cool without giving it any thought. It’s the stuff you hang between your Alexander Wang and your Rag & Bone, and it’s actually almost a bridge between the two. You know what else we like about A.L.C.? In 2011, Lieberman did exactly what we would do if we had a fashion line — she added some SICK jewelry to the mix. Her pieces have a tough edge, bondage-style bracelets for example and our favorite — a twisted nail cuff. That’s the kind of thing we would wear basically until the end of time.

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