May 8, 2013 // Style

After A Long Winter, Jurlique Body Exfoliating Gel Will Scrub Your Skin Super-Smooth

We’re sure the benefits of non-abrasive AHAs are fantastic over time, but when it comes to exfoliating we like that immediate feeling of getting a really good scrub. The coarser the better, you feel us? On that tip, we can report that Jurlique’s Body Exfoliating Gel gives great scrub satisfaction. We like to apply this walnut shell-based scrub to dry skin for a truly scrubbed-clean feeling and with Memorial Day looming, we suggest using this a couple of times a week to get that skin glowing and prepped for tanning – real or fake. It has witch hazel, rosemary, tea tree oil, and lemon balm for an invigorating effect and the avocado oil and Glycerin within the gel is quite hydrating. We always like to apply a lotion after a scrub when your skin is super ready to absorb it, and after a long winter, you’re probably going to need it.

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