August 10, 2012 // Style

Aphra Behn Designer Jelena Darling Makes A Special Version Of Her Button-Downs For Girls With Larger Boobs

What you really need in your life is a great-fitting button down. You can dress it up, dress it down, wear it to work, knot it over a dress…. the choices are virtually endless. However, for those with a little extra on top there is almost always an issue of fit. Finding a great fitting shirt in a great fabric that doesn’t gape at the boobs is akin to trying to find vintage Dior in the $5 bin at Beacons. But wait! We have found a brand that caters exactly to this issue. Aphra Behn’s chic blouses come in tons of sizes that include alternate sizing for ladies who are – ahem- well endowed – and we are mos def on board with this designer making our lives easier by saving us a trip to the tailor. Jelena Darling was inspired to create her line Aphra Behn (named for a 17th century female writer and political spy) while working as an attorney at a law firm: “I wanted to translate the storied culture of men’s dress shirts into a new kind of female uniform,” she says. “However, operating within the limits of a traditional garment like a button-down shirt is surprisingly challenging.” Particularly for the aforementioned curvy girls. “For my friends who were blessed with large breasts, wearing a button-down shirt became hazardous as shirts are not sized to accommodate larger bust sizes and often gape. Aphra Behn shirts have special sizes, with a large chest size alternative.” Excuse us while we go buy several.

Aphra Behn Collection available at

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