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At HMC Dental You Sit In A Massage Chair And Face The New York City Skyline

Harrowing doesn’t even begin to tell you how we like to describe our last visit to the dentist. We even described him as a barbarian to our mother. An animal! But let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about HMC Dental, our new go-to for all things tooth-related. We heard about it via Twitter, as you do. “You fill in all your forms on an iPad!” our friend told us, which to us translated as “has all modern conveniences, which means he’s young and knows the newest treatment which in turn means less trauma for us.” We went online for a look. Ooooh! Loft-style décor. And that view! You sit in the chair and are facing HUGE windows so get to look out at skyscrapers and water towers. There’s good music playing. Fleetwood Mac and stuff. The dental nurse took some x-rays and they popped up on a TV screen next to us. And here’s us thinking we were going to watch some Real Housewives or something.

We saw Dr Jeff Reagan. He came in and turned on the chair — turns out it’s a massage chair We are living for this place. Dr Reagan is young, 30s we’d say, speaks very softly and was wearing a purple gingham shirt, which looked very elegant poking out the sleeves of his white doctor’s coat. He asked if we wanted cinnamon or mint flavor cleaning polish. A choice, no less. He explained every single thing he was doing and afterwards went through our options for next-step treatments. At least, we think he did — we were in a bit of a daze reclining on the massage chair, gazing out at the skyline and thinking about how this might be the most pleasant dental experience we’ve ever had.

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