September 26, 2012

Babycakes Bakery Is Not Just For Vegans Who Can’t Have Gluten Or Whatever

As you enter vegan bakery Babycakes on the Lower East your thoughts range from, “Should I buy a tub of frosting?” to “I wonder if Golden Girls is on Netflix,” to “Did I teleport to the 60s?”

If one has ever been to this adorable agave paradise, one understands that the cookie sandwich slammed together with frosting in the middle, the banana bread and the cookie crunch donuts are heaven on earth. All the ingredients used are whole and healthy: no gluten, dairy or wheat and some treats are even sugar-free. Owner Erin McKenna focuses on using ingredients such as coconut oil, which the body uses as energy rather than storing as Dreaded Fat.

And another thing, these delicious treats that taste anything but vegan are soon going to be at everyone’s fingertips now that the best of McKenna’s two books are on an iPhone and iPad app, which will also include music, artwork and new recipes. Sweet.

248 Broome St., NY 10002 tel 212-677-5047

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