November 7, 2016 // Design

Bower Tipsy Writer Pen Holder Is Perhaps The Chicest Thing To Ever Happen To Desks

As minimalists, the idea of having a cup-style pen-holder on our desk isn’t our dream. Nor is having a pen just laying there next to a notebook. Ugh clutter. Bye.

Enter Bower’s Tipsy Writer. A pen-holder weighted by half-brass, half-wooden ball, this thing wobbles without ever falling over and is kind of a functional desk distraction. It’s fun, good-looking and feels nice and thus is all the things one requires in a pen-holder. And a boyfriend.

If we were into gift guides, we would say this is a great holiday gift. But gift guides are whack, yo. Okay, get one for everyone you know. That’s all.

$35 at



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