July 11, 2012 // Style

Break The Brand Down: Whetherly

What is it? Lightweight cotton and jersey basics with a twist. The highest-quality softest, thinnest tanks, perfect V-necked tees, draping dipped-hems… you get the picture.

Who’s behind it? Leila Nasseri formerly of Citizens Of Humanity. She knows how she wants to feel in cotton, and correctly assumed we all want to feel that way, i.e. AMAZINGLY COMFY.

Why is it amazing? Because the cut of each piece considers how it will show your shoulders, boobs, hips, back etc Do you want to look sexy without appearing as though you gave it a second thought? Get yo’self some Whetherly.

Best pieces? Hard to choose, but the tissue-weight V-neck tees are pretty perfect. Also liking the Izzy tank a LOT.

Where to get it? Madison Boutique really brought what we consider the best of the current collection. Stripes and solids R us!


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