April 3, 2012 // Style

Bumble & Bumble Color Minded Is A Godsend With Summer On The Way

We pay a lot of money to kill our hair with bleach and we try to avoid anything that’s going to eff with what our dear colorist Mai at Bumble & Bumble creates. We don’t swim in chlorine, we avoid products that are high in protein since it yellows blond hair, and now we’re going to start using the new Color Minded range. There’s a shampoo, a conditioner and Color Minded Styling Balm to help protect against heat and humidity. We’re mostly taken with the UV Protective Polish though, an illuminating finisher that gives definition and smooths flyaways. It’s basically a serum, so you need the tiniest bit and off you go to invite everyone to run their fingers through your ’do. It’s that silky.

The Color Minded collection starts at $28 at Bumbleandbumble.com

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