December 4, 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Iconic Nude Lip Liner Enables You To Reshape And Resize Your Lips Without Looking Completely Ridiculous

Did you know that most people’s faces are asymmetrical? It’s true. Since the lips are one of the first things to show this lopsidedness, genius makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury set out to create a lip liner specifically designed to be able to balance both sides of your mouth. This isn’t a new product, but let’s just say it’s a now a classic that you simply must know about.

Lip Cheat is a lip liner designed to reshape and resize your lips, without making you look like a cray Kylie Jenner wannabe. By matching the natural tone of the lips, the liner can be used on the very outer edge of the lipline and doesn’t show any of that ‘over lining’ you see so often.

Call us skeptical, but TBH, we didn’t think it would work. Surely you can see the lip liner is slightly outside the lines? Guys, you can’t. You can reshape uneven sides and give yourself an extra plump pout and it looks completely natural.

As if you weren’t already whipping out your card to buy it, there’s more. It’s waterproof and lasts for six hours. This we can also attest to. We have tried and tested it and it’s all true.

Pro tip: instead of matching it to a lipstick just fill in the lip with the pencil for a super matte, long-lasting look.

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