June 5, 2015 // Style

Cocoa Brown One-Hour Tan Totally Looks Like A Real Tan And Wears Off Great

There’s always that point around Memorial Day when suddenly it’s hot, you haven’t had any sunbathing time, and your pasty legs parading in public is just not the look. In fact, it’s now two weeks into summer and there’s still a blue tint to our gams. Not great.

Our sister told us about a tanning brand, created and based in Ireland, that she insisted gave the most realistic color and wore off smoothly and without patches. Fair-skinned Irish people literally love fake tan, so it stands to reason that they would also know how to make a good one. A few months later, Cocoa Brown became available in the US, at Ricky’s. Naturally, we tried it.

While the packaging is a tad too discount drugstore for our liking—it could do with being a little more elevated, in keeping with the quality of the actual tan—don’t let that put you off. This stuff’s good. Like, really good. Application is a cinch and most importantly it wears off without any patchiness. We tried the 1-Hour Tan Dark Shade mousse. You can rinse off in an hour for a light tan, wait two hours for a deeper shade and three for an ‘intense’ tan. Don’t worry, it’s not that intense, it just looks like you spent the weekend at Ditch Plains wearing SPF 4.

The mousse goes on like silk. So smooth! Points to note: We had exfoliated for a few days before with a regular loofah, and before applying the tan, we dabbed some lotion on our knees and ankles. We just use on the legs but of course it’s made to be used all over.

What’s really good is the price. It’s $13.99. You just can’t say fairer than that. No pun intended.

Check out the whole range at RickysNYC.com

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