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Colbert MD Illumino Face Oil Reduces The Appearance Of Lines Instantly

For so long we’ve been told oil-free is the way to go. Oil blocks pores. Oil makes your skin greasy. Oil = bad. Apparently it was all one big lie. Oil is good! Well, certain oils are. On a recent visit to New York Dermatology Group to see Dermatologist to the Stars™ Dr David Colbert, as he nimbly sliced off a suspect mole on our forearm, we got to talking about his new Colbert MD Illumino Face Oil. We don’t like oily face, we told him. It doesn’t give you oily face, he assured us. With retinol and vitamin C, it soothes the complexion and reduces the appearance of lines instantly and with QuSome technology, the benefits are sucked deep into the skin layers. In fact, when you couple the oil with Colbert MD Heal & Soothe Night Cream (his client Naomi Watts likes this combo), the benefits are retained even longer, since the cream seals the oil into the complexion. A concoction of oils including borage seed oil, yanegu oil, marula oil, passion fruit oil and argan oil, Illumino helps cell repair, elasticity, and hydration, as well as acting as an antioxidant. So does it work? Well, duh! Dr Colbert’s products are excellent. The best, some might say. We weren’t even a tiny bit surprised to wake up the morning after our first Illumino application looking very smooth and hydrated, even after a particularly cold night when our radiator was pumping, y’all. We took a leaf out of Naomi’s book and combined it with Heal & Soothe Night Cream and we suggest you do the same. Highly recommended.

Illumino Face Oil, $125 and Heal & Soothe Night Cream, $150 at ColbertMD.com

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