November 7, 2012 // Style

Create Your Own Bespoke Fragrance At 3rd Ward Perfume Workshop

You guys, we are all too aware of the plight of finding that perfect scent. For example, sometimes you do find it, but everyone else found the same one too (ugh!). It can all be so overwhelming. Top notes, bottom notes, middle notes, where do you even begin!?! Well, we over here at The Byrne Notice love a little DIY action and have found the perfect solution. 3rd Ward, a workspace and education center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is offering a natural perfume-blending workshop where a master herbalist will teach you all about the history and art of natural perfumery. The sweetest part of the deal? At the end of this class you will leave with TWO bottles of your own bespoke perfume! Even better, all the perfumes are created from natural essential oils. Yay no toxins. Sometimes if you want something done right, you just gotta do it yourself.

195 Morgan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11237 tel: 718-715-4961

The perfume bottle shown is available at

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