April 7, 2014 // Style

Curtis Kulig x Le Sportsac Is Giving Us That 80s Nostalgic Fondness Thing

Remember the 80s when everything was super-logoed and branded and that was considered a status symbol? Then came the 90s when it was all about No Logo and no visible branding and everyone hated on Nike and McDonalds and globalization was like, the worst? Well, brands and logos are like totally back, you guys. Only it’s not in the same flashy, splashy way as it was in the greedy, money-obsessed 80s, it’s about irony and tonque-in-cheekness, and actually a kind of nostalgic fondness for those brands we freaked out over in our youth. Le Sportsac is 100% giving us that nostalgia, only with a very current aspect. The summer 2014 collaboration, with Love Me artist Curtis Kulig, is an entire range of accessories in a myriad of patterns and styles from classic black and white Love Me script to the younger, fresher, brightly-colored Crosby print which is 100% going to be our beach vibe for the coming season.

Pieces start at $20 at Lesportsac.com

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