October 23, 2012 // Style

Dazzle Dry Top Coat Actually Dries Completely In Five Minutes

As anyone who follows the Byrne Notice Instagram feed can attest, we are quite committed to regular nail art sessions. Our girl Miss Pop, bless her, is always trying to encourage some graphic chicness but we’re always going for soup cans or ice cream cones or some such. But nail art aside, there’s another reason we and our nails are indebted to the genius of Miss Pop. It’s called Dazzle Dry. While many topcoats claim to increase the drying time of your nail color, Dazzle Dry works so fast we marvel every time we use it. Within five minutes of application, your nails are fully dry. Fully. Dry. It’s bananas, and it’s changed our lives. Now doing your nails 10 minutes before running out the door is completely OK, and you won’t ruin your paint job shoving your hands into your jacket and grabbing your keys. When it comes to nails, this is legit one of the best discoveries we’ve ever made.

$15.95 at Amazon

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