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Do We Recommend Elizabeth Arden’s New Red Door Spa On Fifth Avenue? Yes. Yes, We Do

We have a love-hate relationship with salon facials. We tell ourselves they’re relaxing, then mid-way through extractions we’re cursing ourselves for forgetting how painful they can be. When it comes to spa experiences we are ALL about the pan pipes and essential oils and massages. However, there is a happy medium, facially speaking. The Red Door Spa (yes, the famous Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue one) has moved a few doors down to a new location. Goodbye dated salon vibe, hello ultimate, peaceful spa experience. What we liked about this spa is the variety of ladies. You have the hugely wealthy philanthropist types, the tourists in from out town in tennis shoes and chinos (bless ’em) and then people like ourselves who show up in beaten up chucks and a leather jacket and maybe might just look like we are in the wrong place.

We checked for our Ultimate Arden Facial in with Claudia, a softly spoken Albanian genius with the touch of an angel. Have you ever had a face massage that you actually liked? Us neither. Until now. Claudia has some kind of magic powers to completely relax you via a hot-stone massage, then she extracts stuff from clogged pores, ups the ante with organic flower peel microdermabrasion, and all while you are so chilled out you are practically drooling. The application of a soothing chilled milk and honey face and eye collagen mask with bio-marine extracts means any redness or puffiness is nonexistent. The spa has every amenity you need – showers, hair, make-up and there’s a rooftop café so a spring or reasonable summer day can be spent high above Fifth Avenue, behaving like the Park Avenue princess you were born to be.

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