August 16, 2013 // Design

Don’t Limit This Rabbit-Ear-Handle Container To Just Cookies

It’s been quite a slow departure from the dreaded owl but rabbits have definitely taken over as the trending woodland creature in home décor. Not mad, as we were never into owls in the first place. Be careful what you wish for though, because if you are a fan of bunnies you are about to have a LOT of shopping to do. This jar by designer Sam Baron, available at the MoMA store, is a slick, cute-but-not-babyish storage container that is perfection for cookie storage. Or desk supplies. Or hair accessories. Or, uh, cookies. All we know is, if we used it for cookies, it would be constantly empty and we would constantly feel guilty for binge-eating all the Newman-O’s. Let’s be real, they’re way better than the original Oreo. So long owls, it’s the year of the rabbit.

Curiosity container, $50 at

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