December 20, 2013 // Style

First Look: The Amazing Del Toro Shoes x Disney Collaboration Featuring Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pinocchio And More

Miami-based sneaker/slipper brand Del Toro has always had a whimsical outlook to its collaborations and being a Florida-based company, it makes perfect sense that they would get together with Disney. And now they have! We literally cannot handle how much we love every single shoe they’ve created. From the pale denim Chukka sneaker with a Mickey Mouse club bullion patch, to the Pinocchio slippers that feature a nose so long it runs across both feet, the collection is one of the most diverse themed-collections we’ve ever encountered. What do you choose, though? A Minnie Mouse red polka dot sneaker or a black and white Mickey? And it’s not just the mice getting the love – Goofy and Donald got a look in, too. So good we could cry. Click through our slideshow below for some of the styles that will be available from December 24 at

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