December 1, 2015 // Style

Frank Body Coffee-Based Skincare Is Actually The Only Thing That Solved Our Insanely Itchy Winter Skin

We love coffee. We love it so much we get excited just thinking about having it when we wake up, so we were extremely interested to try Frank Body coffee-based skincare. What now? Coffee-based? Yes, you guys. Apparently, when applied topically, coffee stimulates blood flow and has a ton of anti-oxidants. Plus, it has the same PH as skin so it won’t leave your skin feeling dry. Speaking of which, winter has us driven demented with dry skin, in particular on our upper arms. Nothing, and we mean nothing, was able to stop the itch, until we tried Frank Body Scrub.

Sure, it looks like you spent an hour rolling around in dirt but it so works. They recommend you hop under the shower, rub it all over and then leave for five or 10 minutes to absorb oils and such. We used that waiting time to rinse the tiles. After we washed away the excess oil with some soap we then applied the body balm, which is maybe the silkiest body balm we’ve ever tried? And it smells so good because it’s made of coconut oil, grape seed and almond oils, beeswax and of course coffee Arabica seed oil.

Real talk, we had the least itchy night we’ve had since the start of the cold weather. You will love this stuff.

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