February 24, 2015 // Design

Get These Bella Freud Candles For The Containers Alone

You may be familiar with Bella Freud’s epic sweaters as seen on the likes of Alexa Chung and er, well, other people we can’t think of, and if you appreciate Freud’s ‘1970’ or ‘Ginsberg is God’ sweater moment you will totally love that you can get the same designs in candle form. ‘1970’ is black musk and patchouli scented, while ‘Ginsberg Is God’ smells of fig leaf and tomato. Interesting. If that sounds a little much for you, ‘Je T’aime Jane’ has a lovely snow lily scent. Even of you’re not a scented candle nut, these are worth it for the glass vessels alone. Great for pen holders or tiny vases once all that wax has melted away.

$65, at netaporter.com



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