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Guys, Here Are Some Practical Measures You Can Take To Survive This Insane Cold

There’s cold and there’s cold. The past few weeks in New York City have been so incredibly freezing, there’s no suggestion we won’t take about keeping as cozy as possible. We have some of our own go-to winter survival techniques too. Here you go:

1. Get a hot water bottle

This is without a doubt the first thing you must do. Hot water bottles have typically been more popular in the UK and Ireland than in the US but they seem to be becoming more widely available here now. Basically, you fill it with hot water and tuck into its cover and sit on the sofa/at your desk/wherever. At night in bed, it warms your feet like nobody’s business. No more wearing socks to bed (who does that anyway, it feels so weird). If you need more convincing check out my love note to HWBs on New York Magazine

2. Get A Dry Brush

We started dry-brushing over a year ago to encourage lymphatic drainage and decrease cellulite. We do believe it has worked somewhat! The unexpected bonus is that it keeps your skin exfoliated throughout winter and that means NO ITCHING. That’s right, you won’t spend every night slathering on body lotions that ruin your sheets and clothing. In fact you don’t need lotion at all. Just lightly run this brush over your entire body before you shower. It’s a life-changer. This one from Aromatherapy Associates ($32) is nice.

3. Get some Hanro underwear

Having worn pretty average thermal underwear for years, we swore one day we would invest in some delicious silk-cashmere long johns and last winter, did just that. If one is going to layer up, one wants it to be as fine as possible, yet also cozy AF. Hanro’s silk cashmere long legs may be $220 a pair, but the gorgeously luxurious sensation underneath your jeans is worth it. You have never known warm like this!

4. Get a real Aran sweater
If you’re one of those unfortunates that was given an Aran sweater as a child back in the day, you may have a slight aversion to same. Until relatively recently, the Aran sweater was a strangling, itchy affair that would have you tearing your skin off in aggravation. They were so itchy, even an in-between turtleneck layer wouldn’t protect you from the hellishness. These days though, Aran sweaters can be worn right next to the skin quite comfortably. The warmth level is a 10. Forget all those synthetic fleeces that cause crazy static electricity you can’t open a door without getting a static shock. True Aran sweaters are 100% Irish wool and as warm as a cup of tea next to an open fire in a thatched cottage in Donegal. Aran Sweater Market is one of the best places to get all sorts of Aran wares.

5. Get some cashmere ballet slippers

When your feet are cold, there’s no getting warm. And while an Ugg is ideal, you can’t exactly tuck your feet under you in a big slipper. A cashmere ballet slipper like these from RH are not only luxuriously warm, they’re slim enough to allow your feet on the sofa. Also really good for flying. And bonus: They’re on sale!

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