February 29, 2012 // Style

Heidi Gardner’s Bling And Bones Jewelry Goes One Step Past Macabre

Since the dawn of time, or at least the dawn of the chisel, there have been baubles sculpted to the likeness of skulls. In fact, these days skull rings are pretty much a standard rock star uniform pre-rec, init? Although the “bones as jewelry” concept isn’t new, the lasting appeal is certain.

The vast selection of goth jewelry on the market makes it difficult to distinguish one skull pinky ring from the next. But Heidi Gardner has found a way. In her very first collection, “Creature Couture,” Gardner takes one step past macabre and presents a beautifully gruesome, “oh no she didn’t” sort of jewelry collection. But thank God she did. No mere line of humdrum skinless heads, Gardner pays equal tribute to teddy bears skulls, pelvises, octopuses and prehistoric hummingbird skulls. Teddy bear skulls? You read right. How dark and cuddly! All those bones you never wanted to see, or didn’t know existed, soon you’ll want to deck your limbs in them and hang them from your ears – especially since they’re fabricated in such materials as rubies, black diamonds, rhodium , onyx, gold, and brass. Bones and bling, bling and bones. We like that sound.

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