July 10, 2012 // Style

Helmut Red Lipstick Is To Lips What Valentino Red Is To Gowns

When House of Exposure creative director and author Periel Aschenbrand decided to pay homage to her favorite photographer, Helmut Newton, she did so with the most feminine yet powerful color she could. Red. She enlisted the help of The Lipstick Queen herself, Poppy King, and model and muse Jenny Shimizu, and the three ladies collaborated to create a gorgeous, red, high-pigment lipstick with blue undertones, which King describes as “pure unadulterated sexiness in a tube.” We concur. It’s probably the most perfect red we’ve ever come across. Helmut Red is to lipstick what Valentino is to gowns. The lip color, packaged to look like vintage Kodak film roll canisters, is a limited edish (naturally! Isn’t everything great limited?), and a guerrilla marketing campaign featuring Shimizu is set to plaster downtown NYC this week. After that it may be too late to get your hands on this iconic color, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Helmut Red Limited Edition Lip Color, $25, at Houseofexposure.com

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