April 29, 2015 // Style

It Feels A Lil’ Like Pop Rocks On The Skin, But Onomie A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment Instantly Brightens

To be honest, we rarely bother with concealer. We probably should start to ‘bother’ though, as the dark circles chez Byrne are a permanent fixture of late. It’s probably the coffee, but there is literally no way we are quitting coffee. Just no. So we would rather put a band-aid on it, natch. When Onomie A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment landed on our desk a few days ago we were immediately sold by its description ‘activated’. This must mean it’s doing something! So what is it? A correcting highlighter with 10% Vitamin C to stimulate collagen and brighten skin, plus Vitamins A (to reduce lines) and E (to ease dryness), hence the name. It promises brighter skin instantly. We pumped a little bit of the iridescent pink formula onto our hand and patted along the orbital bone, and as the box promised, our skin tingled. It actually felt more like we were applying lotion with pop rocks to our face. Not unlike pins and needles, but really mild. We then applied our BB cream tinted moisturizer as normal. So? No lie, we can see the lines are less pronounced 20 minutes later. Maybe it’s light trickery, maybe it’s all that Vitamin C, who cares? We’ll be patting pop rocks on our skin henceforth.

$32, launching next month. Follow @OnomieBeauty and sign up at Onomie for updates

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