May 16, 2012 // Style

It’s Tough To Figure Out Which Made Her Think Pieces We Can’t Live Without

Made Her Think is tough to write about because we keep getting sidetracked figuring out how many pieces we could buy and still make rent. If we survived for the month’s remainder on rations of cold pressed juice and dark-chocolate-covered goji berries we determined we could purchase quite a few items but never as many as we really want, which is all of them. Jeweler Meredith Kahn’s line strikes a balance between elegant and tough, resonating some place fierce within fashionable women. So it’s no accident that she has collaborated with heavyweights such as Rebecca Minkoff and Mandy Coon — Kahn knows how to hit a sweet spot that is both accessible and darkly fabulous. She has pieces you could wear every day, like the oxidized silver bar stud earrings ($150) to the more daring, and awesomely asymmetrical tear tusk post earrings ($265), or the stand-out-in-a-crowd triple pendulum spikes necklace ($364), which is dramatic and editorial-story worthy. The great thing about Made Her Think is that it’s a one-stop shop for superbly made jewelry that is spot on trend, whether you’re in the mood for items fit for a she-warrior, such as the double mesh gauntlet ring ($637), or a more understated set of rope bangle bracelets ($132). The only problem you might encounter is figuring out how many Made Her Think pieces you can wear at once and still be able to stand up straight.

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