May 15, 2014 // Design

Loving The Nova x Anna Sheffield Room And Linen Fragrance Collaboration

Room fragrances are a very necessary addition to your apartment, particularly in summer when opening windows for five minutes will involve a three-hour cool down via air conditioner after. You’re not exactly getting a rush of fresh, spring air in New York City either. But we just do what we can, and if a room fragrance is right, it’s very right. And Nova for Anna Sheffield room and linen scent collaboration is very, very right. The three scents are named for three of Sheffield’s iconic jewelry designs. Inspired by rose gold. Hazeline is a blend of damask rose and currants with a touch of apple, amber and patchloui notes. Moonstone is a clean scent, inspired by the stone Sheffield frequently uses in her jewelry designs and was created with notes of white musk and amber, pear and violet. Lastly, Bea No. 3 pairs crème soda with notes of sharp wood and bitter citrus. The bottle, of course, features classic Anna Sheffield design-mixes of silver, rose gold and yellow.

$75 each and $195 for the set of three, available exclusively at Anna Sheffield, 47 Orchard St, New York NY 10002 and by phone order tel: 212.925.7010

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