September 24, 2013 // Design

Loving The Sick Cover Art Of Penguin’s New Hardcover Horror Series

While we are essentially minimalists over here, books are what one might call ‘good clutter’. Coffee table books have long been a part of décor, and since eReaders have resulted in a drop in sales of actual books, companies such as Penguin have had to figure how to keep good ol’ paper on the market. We’ve loved the clothbound classics long time and are feeling the cover art of a new six-volume horror hardcover series by Penguin Art Director Paul Buckley. Edited and introduced by filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, the series includes Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven and Haunted Castles by Ray Russell. Perfectly creepy.

The books are available for preorder now at and will ship on October 1

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