April 14, 2014 // Style

Luxe Fitness Line The Upside Makes Even The Laziest Of Humans Want To Work Out

Remember in the 80s when everyone got super into aerobics and wore like, pastel headbands and tights and leotards and colorful legwarmers? That was when you dressed up to work out. The Flashdance look was as popular on the street as in the studio, and Jane Fonda was everything to everyone. That dance studio style probably made people want to work out, and when it comes to working out, every little motivation helps. This is where The Upside comes in. The Australian luxe fitness collection was created by designer Jodhi Meares so you could go to your pilates or your Barry’s or your Soul Cycle, or what have you, and go about your daily life after. Not just Wholefoods daily life, we’re talking brunch or even drinks. Yes, the collection is that good. The pieces are incredibly well constructed too, we were positively shocked at the support level in the bra tops, and how the cut of each piece is really quite flattering. The prints are super-fun but not remotely cheesy – leopard, stripes, paisley… all the classics, you know? This line has made us want to book an entire course of classes at the pilates place, and that in itself is a miracle.

From $69.95 at TheUpsideSport.com

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