July 16, 2013 // Style

Macon & Lesquoy’s Hand-Embroidered Objects Are Tiny, Irreverent Nods To Military Decorations

There’s nothing like a surprise package in the mail. Especially when it’s not even your birthday or Christmas or anything! Last week we were the recipient of a little envelope from Paris containing the most adorable thing we’ve seen since the last time we looked at the Daily Puppy Instagram feed. Our buddy Catrin had seen this tiny red and white embroidered pill pin in Paris and instantly thought of us. No, it’s not because we have an addiction to prescription meds, it’s because we are always asking our family and friends to bring us Solpadeine from that side of the pond when they come to visit. What can we say? It’s our favorite headache cure. The pin is made by two French friends, Macon & Lesquoy, who hand embroider tiny objects including cigarettes, knives, paintbrushes, burgers, wine glasses and basically anything you can think of. The two are inspired by the precision and detail of military decorations, creating high quality patches, pins and other accessories all with an eye to irreverence. Choose from adorable individuals or entire pin sets that you can even hang as fun art pieces on your wall.

From around $10 at Maconetlesquoy.com

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