August 13, 2013 // Style

Madewell’s Done An Epic Overhaul On Its Denim. You Will Love.

Madewell is definitely up there on our list of favorite places to shop. Our favorite white button-down comes from there and it’s also where we found the most ideal denim shirt, after a very long hunt. You would think finding a great denim shirt would be easy! It isn’t. This summer we were also introduced to the wonders of Madewell denim shorts. In a myriad of colors, they had that just right fit of not being too tight at the thigh and have a nice slimline hip. For fall, Madewell’s only gone and done a major denim overhaul in that the fabric’s gotten quite the upgrade. A stretchy yarn is wrapped in soft cotton, so you get a super sleek fit with an incredibly soft feel. You can actually feel there’s something different the moment you stick your foot in. Somehow Madewell has managed to achieve this super-soft stretchy feel without that dreaded look of a jegging or a pajama jean. You know what we’re talking about, right? With this new and improved fabric it looks like a regular jean but you can travel/sit/kneel/probably sleep for long periods of time and you won’t get a baggy knee or a saggy butt. It’s like premium denim vibes with a way more affordable price tag.

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