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Michelle Siwy For Wildfox: Jeans That Make Your Body Look Good, No Matter What Shape Or Size

No one designs denim like Michelle Siwy, and that has never been more obvious than in her brand new collection Michelle Siwy for Wildfox Denim. Michelle refuses to try to force a square peg into a round hole and instead creates jeans that bring out the best of the wearer’s own unique bodyshape. How does she do it? Well she’s shared some of her secrets with us in the past, and we sat down for a chat and a cuppa to talk about her new Wildfox collaboration.

How are your new designs different to previous denim you’ve designed?
For Wildfox, I try to capture the true spirit and DNA of the brand, which carries a very free, open, loving and fun soul and then apply that attitude to the classic, old-school denim techniques that I know well. I captured the perfect fit, wash and style that you expect from a premium denim line and balanced it with the fresh, non-intimidating and super-covetable Wildfox style.

What makes a great pair of jeans?

The perfect fit for your body, combined with thoughtful wash detail and history. Our favorite jeans travel with us through many phases of our lives, capture memories and change as we change. Ten people could all start off with the exact same style of jeans and in a few years each one would become unique to the wearer and their body chemistry.

What’s your go-to design feature that makes your jeans different to other brands?

The fit. No matter how awesome a design or wash is, it won’t translate into something beautiful if the fit is off. I’m not trying to make people change their bodies to adjust to my denim, I’m into enhancing and making the best of what we already have.

What’s your oldest pair of jeans?
I have a pair of Vintage Levi’s that I snatched from my dad when I was 13. I had let them sit in pure bleach and water to lighten them and break down the fibers. They are super soft and have ripped apart perfectly. One pocket is barely hanging on by a thread. It’s awesome!

What style of denim will be everywhere this fall?

Overalls and boyfriend jeans will continue beyond summer in very aggressive washes and will be worn in contrast with sophisticated boots and soft, fluffy sweaters. This style takes on a refreshing vibe and a contrast to the clean, super basic jeans that everyone’s worn over the past few years.

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